Radiation Tuned Covers

Radiation Tuned Covers

Reducing the impact of NIR drives improved resource use & management. Crops thrive because of reduced heat stress, despite needing less water, fertilizer and cooling.

This is why we’re investing in the developments of a comprehensive range of agricultural covers that incorporate our heat blocking technologies.

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Crop & Efficiency Insights

Our data team is working on development of advanced farming support capabilities.

Watch out for additional remote data sensors, and an intuitive data management system.


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Resilient Rootstock Genetics

Solutions to ensure stress resistant, dependable crops.

Salt, drought and heat resistant seeds, seedlings and rootstocks that increase yield, reduce risk and extend the growing season are in development.

Our 2024 program is oversubscribed. If you would like to be a part of the 2025 program, let us know.

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